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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC – or Pay Per Click – is a powerful and often misunderstood marketing tool. There are many benefits to a well-managed PPC campaign including the ability to target your ads by geographic location, time of day, and specific products or services. By delivering ads only to interested parties, you can save money on advertising and increase the overall ROI of your advertising campaigns. Paid advertising also allows you to deliver your ads to mobile users. Best of all it is fast to setup and easy to budget and control spending.

There are a few different markets within the PPC advertising sphere and each has its value for most companies:

Google AdWords

With more than 80% of searches in North America, Google has the largest inventory of display advertising of any market making AdWords the obvious place to start with any PPC campaign. AdWords allows our experts to build focused ads which are only shown to your target audience based on time of day, location, keywords, and your desired spending. Best of all, this advertising is 100% trackable and auditable.


As the 2nd biggest player in PPC advertising, Yahoo ads can help improve your company’s search engine exposure as well as reaching a larger market than AdWords alone. Yahoo! can be particularly effective for certain industries so don’t forget to ask one of our wizards if your company should target Yahoo! paid results.


Created by Microsoft, Bing is 3rd in paid search exposure but has one hidden benefit that makes it worthwhile: because of its smaller size, it has the best cost per lead on average making each dollar spent a good investment.


Paid advertising on Facebook is a great way to improve your brand’s recognition and get more visitors to your site. Facebook remains massively popular despite competition from a variety of social media and allows our PPC experts to perfectly target your ads to chosen demographics.


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