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Once upon a time, four powerful wizards came together to work a magnificent magic. Combining their strengths, they uncovered the secrets of the lost arts and freed the internet from the confusing and far-reaching control of the mighty search engine, Google. Traveling from far and wide, each contributed their hard-learned and impressive skills to build a weapon for the common man.

From the West, the first wizard brought the mystical knowledge of search engine optimization:A mysterious power said to be fleeting, changeable, and difficult to master. First of his kind, the Western wizard had harnessed the fickle power to compel the attention of the search gods and focus it where he wished. Despite the search engines’ attempts to thwart his abilities, he reacted with marvelous skill and speed to each new twisting of their rules in order to beat them at their own game.
From the East came the second wizard with the lost art of content creation. Stories, guides, and community stemmed from the forgotten magic as language and communication flourished. Knowledge became power and the people learned they could discover any secret by sharing information freely amongst themselves. Businesses shared their knowledge with their customers and customers made informed and confident decisions.
The complex science of website development was carried from the North by the third wizard beginning an age of technical perfection in which every website worked as intended on any device used to view it. Businesses and consumers rejoiced in their new found freedom as users effortlessly browsed and purchased from their favorite websites from the comfort of their own home or lounging on the beach as was their wont.
The long-held secrets of the South known as pay per click advertising were revealed by the fourth wizard and companies reached their intended audiences with no excess spending. Able to reduce costs and increase their sales, prices dropped and the market soared to never before seen heights. Able to find the exact products and services they required, consumers heralded the new age of effortless shopping and unprecedented consumer confidence and satisfaction.
These elements, skillfully combined by the four master wizards, gave birth to an alchemy of astounding power. From its legendary magic the Search Engine Wizards emerged as a complete internet marketing solution with the power to help any company, big or small, achieve success, in the never-before-tamed wilds of the worldwide web.


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